Sometimes You Have to Move On

As most of you know I like to workout. I love my gym time and spend a fair amount of time there. 

In December I started slacking off with gym visits as I was getting bored doing the same workouts not to mention frustrated because I wasn’t seeing any progress from all the workouts. Fast forward to January where I gave up my membership because I’m not willing to spend money on something I’m not using. I was still doing workouts I just chose to do them at home instead. After doing home workouts for a while I know it’s not for me. I may have went through the motions but I wasn’t pushing myself. A few friends where posting about their workouts at Orangetheory and how much they were loving it.

Soooooo……. I went for a trial class and I LOVED the workout out. 

I had to arrive 30 minutes before the class to get a tour and learn what Orangetheory was all about and how their classes worked. Vanessa was who I had talked to on the phone and when I went in she was there to great me and give my tour. All the staff was super friendly and very helpful – I had lots of question.

The workout is split into two sections a strength portion and an endurance portion. The strength area has hand weights, TRX straps, benches/steps, medicine balls and mats. The endurance area has treadmills, rowers, bikes and a strider. I’m not normally a treadmill person but their treadmills are incredible. The belt has more cushion so it was a lot easier on my hips and knees.

On Friday, the day I went, it was a strength class so even though the endurance part of the class was done on the treadmill in intervals it was in fast strength based because it was all hills all the time. Also if you’re all “Yeah no I don’t run” not to worry neither do I. Orangetheory breaks down their treadmill workouts for power walkers, joggers and runners. I’m in the walker group.

Some things that I will need to get use to are the music and not working out everyday. With how the workouts are designed you burn calories for 24 hours after your workout so they advise you not to come in everyday. 

I’m planning to go back in on Monday to give it another try. By Monday I’m thinking the soreness in my ass, arms and legs will be gone so I’ll be good to go again :) 

One thing that I love was that you get a report emailed to you after your class. Included are your weekly totals so it makes it super easy to keep track of your numbers . 

OrangeTheory Report


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