Posting Workouts On Social Media

We’ve all seen workout, running and healthy eating post on our social media and we’ll all seen people complaining about those post as well. I’m not sure if people realize the importance of these post however.

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I’m not saying it’s like this for everybody but for me it helps keep me accountable and I know it does the same for others. Have I had people unfollow me because of it – YES. Have I gained new followers because of it – YOU BET

When I started this journey I did it for myself. At first it was more to help me mentally and as I got going I realized it was helping me in a lot of ways – mentally, physically, and also financially. After my first post over at Life In Pleasantville I received a lot of emails and messages asking me specifics about what I was doing and what I was eating. When I really thought about it I realized that I was dealing the bulk of my healthy lifestyle through those close to me and following their health journey as well as learning from people posting on their social media. 

So I for one am very thankful to all of you who post about your meals and your workouts. It teaches me daily and also causes me to get my ass up off the couch. So the next time you post a meme or make fun of someone for posting a workout, run or healthy meal, stop and think about the fact that they are trying really hard to change their life and better themselves . They may even be trying to prolong their life for people who love them and that they love and who knows, maybe they are inspiring someone else to seek a healthy life. 

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