I'm not pregnant


Let me be up front with you this post will contain swearing!

There is also a picture- it’s not pretty but I needed to post it so you could see what I looked like.

Yes I know I am not a size 2,8, or 10. I am now a size 14. I was an 18 but I’ve lost almost 20lbs now since February. Which I am proud of.

Well tonight while running into the grocery store (Embrun Independant to be exact) to pick up a few things for dinner. I was told by the clerk that I was having a girl. As I said pardon as I didn’t think I heard her corectly. She said to me “well you are defiantly having a girl as you are very round” as she was drawing a fucking circle around her body with her arms”.  Are you kidding me????? When I politely said um no I’m not she said “yes you are just you wait and see”. Finally with tears in my eyes I told her I wasn’t pregnant and guess what she laughed! Maybe out of embarrassment I don’t know and I honestly don’t care. How can someone be so damn stupid. Unless you see a baby coming out of a persons Vagina keep your mouth shut

With her comment she –

  1.  immediately took me take to being a child and being made fun of and called fat
  2. made me very aware that because of my Crohn’s disease that I’ve always had a belly
  3. reminded me that I had a hysterectomy in February so I can not ever have that other baby and that it’s hard for me to work my stomach
  4. slid me back down the ladder on self esteem
Now to be honest I did have on a t-shirt and yoga pants but after the 2 days I’ve had I really haven’t felt like dressing up to run and get stuff to make coleslaw for dinner.

I try really hard not to use the word hate so I’ll say I really dislike this woman right now. This woman was not a teenage or young wowan. She was in her late forties maybe 50. Old enough to know better. Yes she finally apologized but still it should have never been said in the first place.

To make matters worse I called the store manager when I got home told him what happened and his response- “well I’ll need to look in to it to see what happened and what the circumstances were”. Really????? Yes Mr. Manager I was standing paying for my order and asking the clerk to tell me I was pregnant and having a girl!

Seeing as I’m a really big advocate for shopping locally The Foodland in Russell now will get all my business.

So spill it have you ever been asked if you where pregnant or asked someone that wasn’t.

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