HealtheVoices – April 15th – April 17th, 2016 Chicago, Illinois

I am so excited about to be among 100 participants chosen to attend The HealtheVoices | Health Conference. This is the second year that the conference has run but the first year that it’s been opened up to international health advocates. TAlso, it’s being healed in Chicago and I LOVE Chicago.

The weekend is about bringing together health bloggers/social media advocates spanning a variety of chronic health spaces. Over the weekend, we will be learning about many aspects of advocating online in the health community.

Social media is shaping the way patients and caregivers make decisions about their healthcare, and online health advocates and bloggers are at the forefront of this movement. In an effort to support online health advocates who offer such important support to others facing medical challenges, Janssen has created HealtheVoices™ – a groundbreaking empowerment and leadership conference created for online health advocates and bloggers.

In its second year, HealtheVoices™ is the only conference created exclusively for online health advocates across a broad spectrum of health conditions. Our mission is to provide the tools, resources and inspiration to improve online patient and caregiver communities and expand their reach. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with other health activists and learn from experts in health, social media and advocacy. -HealtheVoices

The one way you know that you’re attending a health conference…………HealtheVoices_Location………this is posted on the website :)

The following list are the 2016 Patient Advisors and advocates that planned the weekend and will be attending;

Kevin Maloney, HIV Advocate
Christel Aprigliano, Diabetes Advocate
Britt Johnson, Rheumatoid Arthritis Advocate
Sara Wyen, Cardiovascular Disease Advocate
Howard Chang, Psoriasis Advocate
Chrisa Hickey, Schizophrenia Advocate
Connie Welch, Hepatitis C Advocate
Jen Campisano, Breast Cancer Advocate

If you’d like to follow along for the weekend please check out the hashtag on Twitter as well as Instagram – #HealtheVoices16

Disclaimer – “Janssen is paying for my travel expenses for the conference. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.”


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