Happy New Year

Seriously where did 2016 go?

I don’t know about you but for me it seems like we just wrong in the new year a few weeks ago.  So many people are talking about 2016 being their worse year and they seem to be blaming it on the amount of celebrities that died. My view on this may be an unpopular one but it’s mine – If the amount of celebrity deaths ruined your year you may not be living your life to your fullest potential.

2016 wasn’t a great year for me but it was by no means the worse either.

The year seen our son become very sick and diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. He is doing better although there are still things that we are working out. One of the biggest issues is what he can and can’t eat. For me when I’m in remission can pretty much eat what I want but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Jacob. Eating a lot of foods causes him to get a tightening in his chest and throat and then vomiting follows. If you have an experience with this we sure could use some suggestions. So now because of this issue he’s refusing to eat a lot of foods or trying anything new because he’s afraid of this process which I completely get. The one issue is that the foods that don’t make him sick is not very healthy and it’s what’s making up a lot of his diet. It just seems like a no win situation. 

For me 2016 seen me;

  • spend more days in bed and close to home do to my own Crohn’s disease. I’ve also had more joint issues this year than I’ve had in a very long time. Some days I’d wake up very early to take meds and go back to sleep. I do this so that when I wake up to get up for the day I can get up and go not spend a couple of hours hobbling around while my joints loosen up.
  • continuing down my health journey road. Yes I’ve seen lots of frustrations this year and I’ve come so close to quitting but after taking the month of December off I’ve climbed back on the horse and continuing on. I’m starting 2017 off  eating clean (not Whole30 and not Paleo but clean) I eat about 90% Paleo but there are just certain things that my body seems to need to stay healthy. 
  • thanks to Janssen, the makers of Remicade, I was able to attend the  HealtheVoices Conference in Chicago as a health advocate. The conference allowed me to meet some great people as well learn from some amazing techniques to better share information. I’m really hoping to be able attend this years conference and build on my abilities to helping people understand what it’s like to live a life with and invisible illness. 
    HealtheVoices 2017

    HealtheVoices 2017


  • I also traveled to Texas to see my nephew Bradley coach his first game as a Head Coach with the Corpus Christi Ice Rays. It was also my first trip to Texas. 
    Head Coach Corpus Christi Ice Rays

    Head Coach Corpus Christi Ice Rays


  • spent some quality time with my family. We have always enjoyed our time together and the majority of that time ends with sore sides and faces from laughing so hard. 
  • Jacob graduated from college and Michaela started her second year of college. She also signed on to be a resident advisor. 
  • Andy and I were able to do our first bike vacation
  • it’s also been great to see Andy playing so much music again. Music has always been a big part of Andy’s life. Watch him play and sing is one thing that always makes me completely happy. 

This is just a small list of what made up my 2016. I’m not a resolution kinda girl so for me 2017 will be about focusing on improving myself and doing more good in the world around me.  I hope 2017 brings you all the things that make you happy and healthy!




ps if you’re looking for some good news that happened in 2016 check out this list


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