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All In The Family! – World IBD Day

Today is an important day for me – It’s World IBD Day and it’s something that I normally acknowledge by making a $50 donation to Crohn’s And Colitis Canada but this year I did something different. Every time I used the bathroom today I texted the word flush and it donated $5. A little TMI but today I used the bathroom 14 times. Which isn’t to bad considering some people with Crohn’s go up to 30 time a day!

yes 3-0

text flush

Donate $5 to Crohn’s And Colitis Canada

Why the difference this year well at Easter our son Jacob got very sick. We were visiting family so it made it even harder. As he got sicker and sicker we came home early so we could get him looked after close to home and seeing what was happening to him Andy and I had a pretty good idea what was going to happen.

On the Monday we took him to Emergency for two reasons –

1st – he needed to be seen and given some fluids as nothing was staying in his system and we could see him getting thinner and thinner.

2nd – It was the quickest way to get him seen by a Gastroenterologist. 

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry and blame myself when the doctor told us three day later that Jacob definitely had Crohn’s and that he was a very sick guy. I would have taken on that pain 10 fold if it meant he could walk away. Seeing him so thin and exhausted was so hard. A fact that I kept bringing up to Andy who finally said “Cherie-Lynn this is what it’s like – you are like this too”. I honestly had no idea because when it’s you you just handle it and move on but seeing it from this side is very scary. We however were so very proud of him because when the doctor told us Jacob’s response was “well it could be a lot worse” That’s our boy always seeing the positive in things. 

Jacob was put on Prednisone to try and get the flare under control and an appointment was made to see his doctor a month later. Why a month because there were other test that need to be done and we need to see how his system reacted as prednisone was decreased. The decreased prednisone didn’t go well so when we seen the doctor last week we were told Jacob like me would receive Remicade infusions! 

Tomorrow is his first infusion so we are crossing our fingers and saying some prayers that this works as well for him as it has for me.  

So if you can please send a quick text because we are a family that truly would like to

make it stop for life


ps I also need to add that with all this going on Jacob missed a bunch of school and I can’t begin to tell you how amazing  Mohawk College was to work with. They made some timeline accommodations so that Jacob didn’t lose his semester and he was able to finish assignments as well as write exams which enabled him to graduate!

7 thoughts on “All In The Family! – World IBD Day

    • Cherie-Lynn says:

      Thanks Natalie. It’s been an adjustment that’s for sure. Andy is now convinced that he needs to finish the bathroom in the basement because he seems to be using it a lot more now. :)

  1. Rebecca says:

    Ah, that must be so hard. What a bitch that disease is. Of course we’ll donate and please keep reminding us on social media not to forget about Crohn’s. xo

    • Cherie-Lynn says:

      You’ve said it exactly and thank you for the donation. When I was diagnosed all those years ago I was so embarrassed to tell anybody that I had this disease and now look at me – I’ll talk pain, limitations and poop to anybody that wants to listen :)

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