A New Day

Man oh man what a week. As many of you know I have Crohn’s Disease and this week was a doosie for sure but I’m all fixed up now and feeling more like my old self. I go every six weeks for a iv infusion called Remicade and it’s truly a saving grace for me.

You know it’s funny I’m always getting told to take it easy and rest. Well for me those things just make matters worse. When I have a camera in my hand it honestly takes me to a different place. I’m not saying that I’m not happy with my friends and family because eI am- I love them….a lot. but photography it’s different. When I’m out photographing someone or something my body seems to forget that I’m sick and for me that is pure heaven.

If you’re a client reading this please have no fear i always have a back up but to this date I have never once needed to use it. I commit to a job and I’m there and not just because there might be cake but it’s because 1) I’d never let you down and 2) I love what I do!

I left my Job as A Logistics Co-ordinator at Canadian Blood Services a few years back because of my crohns. Working in an office made me very sick. I’ve always said I can work a 40 hour week I just can’t do it in an office environment, some days I need more sleep than others. By working at home I can sleep in the mornings or afternoon and work in the evenings or the middle of the night if I want to. Also for the record having my own business I work more hours now than I ever did before but you know I don’t care- I’m happy and I love what I do.

Because everything is better with a picture here is what my day looked liked yesterday.

Also if you are looking for ways to support Crohn’s and Colitis here are some great organizations/companies that I choose to support because of their commitment to helping

Also my family will be walking in the Gutsy walk this year and would love your supporty. Gutsy Walk

I love hearing what others have overcome to do what they love to do and I’d love to hear your story too.

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