Fitness-My “Drug” of Choice

Flashback to middle school to when I was a chubby, ok overweight pre-pubescent kid who still recalls to this day the teasing and name calling like “porker” which left an indelible mark on my self esteem and emotional well being. I overate to mask my feelings of stress in my personal life and quite simply didn’t have a lot of healthy eating options as my family didn’t have the financial means to eat good food. I was always uncomfortable in my own skin and clothing. I knew I had to take control of my life as I didn’t feel healthy or happy. Flash forward to today where fitness and eating well are a huge part of my life. Fitness to me is like my “drug”, my daily dose of endorphins that elicit happiness and kick start my day. I was never athletic and still do not consider myself an athlete although I do teach a Les Mills class at Goodlife Fitness clubs here in Ottawa & have for the last 10 years. Through fitness I have both found myself, feel good in my skin and have made some wonderful personal connections and friendships. Put simply, I crave my daily fitness dose and cannot imagine my life without it! I always say that amidst my crazy busy, chaotic life that fitness & the gym keep me “sane-Er”!;-) Sadly I’m not a drinker or lover of wine and thus, exercise is definitely my drug of choice. Here’s to strong, fit, active and supportive women; may we know them, and may we be them.


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