This one time at the gym……….

There was this one time at the gym when I was just starting out with my working out that I got stuck in the inclined sit up bench. Yup you read that right.

I literally got stuck!

I got myself seated on the bench with my legs in position. I slowly leaned back until I was all the way back and then BAM I was stuck. I couldn’t do a sit up worth my life. I tried pulling myself up with my arms and that was pretty much an epic fail as well. I sat there for a moment in complete mortification thinking just look like you know what you are doing and everything will be ok. After a few moments of that I got one leg loose and fought to get the other one loose. Well sliding down the bench as elegantly as possible I vowed never to do that again. I don’t have that problem now but you gotta start somewhere.

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If you want to see me rock the bench now……… The ab bench



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