imageI am a professional photographer, amateur cook, mother of two, motorcycle loving passenger and all around up for anything kind of person. I’ve lived the majority of my life with Crohn’s & Colitis and I’ve recently been bitten, really hard, by the fitness/healthy living bug.

I now eat a diet the is 90% Paleo and work out 5-6 days a week. I love hanging out with my friends- which occasionally happens at the gym, spending time with my very supportive husband – who is tired of feeling my newly discovered muscles and finding creative ways to use protein powder.

I grew up in a house with eight people, although there were normally many many more people than that in the house, and one bathroom – did you read the part about me having Crohn’s? working in an office environment became really difficult for me so I had to walk away. I’ve always said it’s not that I can’t work 40 hours a week I just need to do it in a flexible environment.

This year seen both of our kids start college, one moved out and one lives with us still. Adjusting to this new normal has been a challenge to say the least. It’s hard when you sit down to eat and constantly feel like one of you is missing.

You can find me on twitter at @LifeInTheLadies or @CLBuchanan, on Instagram as Life In The Ladies Room and CL Buchanan Photo, or on Pinterest.

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