doctor doctor

Doctor Doctor

It’s been no secret that I’ve been discouraged lately. Well I finally went to see my doctor about it. I honestly feel like something else is going on that is causing some issues of not letting me progress. I’m working out regularly and eating properly. I’ve even gone back to using my heart rate monitor to make sure I’m exerting myself enough. 

Well let me tell you I was not impressed with what transpired on Friday!

After telling him that I’ve been at this for over two years, how I work out and what I do along with how I eat he proceeded to tell me there is no magic formula, which I completely get and understand, and you just need to exercise more and eat less– he didn’t even ask me about how much I ate.

When you’ve been at this for a while and want a lifestyle change you tend to read a lot about healthy diets/nutrition. One thing that I do know for sure is that the majority of people who want to lose weight actually eat way less than they should. It’s not about how much you but what you eat and a little bit about when you eat. He than proceeded to ask if  I had ever heard of The Bernstein Diet‎. When I promptly said I had and I would never consider that he almost seemed a little shocked and asked why. When I told him I wasn’t interested in 800 calorie a day diets and injections he still wanted to talk about the program. I’m not interested in quick fixes. If I was I wouldn’t still be working so hard with nothing to show for it. 

No Thank You!

Then we moved on to the exercise portion of our discussion. He explained to me about fat vs muscle and how muscle weights more. Again I spoke up “it doesn’t weigh more. It weighs the same. I understand the scale not moving but I should at least be changing the size if my body”. He again went on to tell me that I shouldn’t want muscle. Again I spoke up “yes, yes I do want muscle. I very much want muscles. It’s one of the reasons I do more strength training than cardio. I want to be healthy and strong not just slender”.

There were many things that shocked me with this visit.

-not once did he examine me
-no blood pressure was taken
-no weight was taken
-after mentioning that I had also felt a small lump (I get these often)in my breast he told me to stop doing self exams as they lead to false issues.

He finally said he would test my thyroid – I picked up my blood requisition before I left. 

As soon as I got home the search started for a new family doctor! 



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